Eat like an Italian, our candid guide
Monday, July 24th, 2017

The lowdown on Italian dining behaviour

Eat like an Italian, our candid guide

Today we offer guidance on key etiquette issues facing those keen to align themselves with a sense of Italianness.

Getting ready for the big night. It is vital for Italian youngsters to look as though they have made no effort preparing clothes, hair and make-up before meeting at a restaurant.

Although she spent over an hour producing that messed-up bun, the impression is that she has just rolled out of bed and popped in a scrunchie. His hair will be similarly mussed, his beard nicely trimmed. The style is relaxed and unconcerned. Be wary of those cutting edge dress shorts, unless you are a fashion model on the way home from a shoot.

Eat like an Italian, our candid guide

First date ordering. Whilst excitement over the food (a natural side effect of visiting Ponti’s of course) is a positive, tread a fine line between being helpful and imposing. An Italian might say: “Shall I go ahead and order an antipasti plate to share?”

That's perfect, but it would be a boo-boo to dictate: “The linguine is incredible here, we’ll both have that please.”

We’ll bring you more Italian dining tips in the near future.

And as coincidence would have it, here's our Antipasti Menu

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