Glorious Food
Wednesday May 4th, 2016

Shameless mentions of the Emilia Romagna region adorn the Ponti’s Italian Kitchen website, and the area came to life for the 18 members of the team who visited Italy in April.

“At the heart of what we do is the quality and provenance of our ingredients,” said General Manager Rob Hennebry. ” It is one thing to source, test, taste and dream up ways to use wonderful produce, it is quite another for our members of staff to visit our Italian suppliers and get immersed in the culture of the region.”

At the heart of the area is the Piacenza Food Valley, which sits ever so roughly between Milan and Florence in northern Italy. It is simply chock-full of superlative food, with a who’s who list of fabulous cured meats, cheeses and wines that are the envy of the world. The rural scenes are picture perfect and the architecture magnetises the camera to the face.

Glorious Food

In addition to visiting a Parmesan producer (please read here), the team had a tour of the vineyard and wine production of Il Poggiarello, a fourth-generation family company whose wines are well represented on the Ponti’s menu. This link is being further strengthened with the soon-to-be launched Perini & Perini Bar which takes its name from the family who own the winery.

Rob Hennebry again: “We have just had a chef back after two weeks’ spent in the kitchen at the Locanda Del Falco restaurant near Piacenza, and the spring in his step is utterly infectious. By giving our staff an insight to the food and wine they serve, we know this has fantastic benefits to customers.”

Glorious Food

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