Ponti's Campari Safari
Wednesday, July 20th, 2016
Ponti's Campari Safari

Following a corporate huddle, possibly even a love-in, Ponti’s Italian Kitchen has secured one of Italy’s most compelling brands, Campari, to add a layer of lustre to the Perini & Perini Bars in its London and Sheffield restaurants.

Ponti's Campari Safari

Pietro Mattioni, Managing Director Campari UK: “Other than the obvious Italian roots we have in common, quality, authenticity and passion for business are the key values that link Campari UK and Ponti’s. As soon as I met Stefano and his team, I told myself: ‘We really need to work with these guys!’”

Rob Hennebry, General Manager at Ponti’s Oxford Circus: “We’ve sourced some unbelievable foods from Emilia-Romagna, we have gorgeous wines from Perini & Perini, and with the Campari marque behind us, we now have the final piece. It’s a cool, retro brand and we’ll be stocking six or seven labels to include Wild Turkey bourbon, Bulldog gin and others.”

The handshake with Campari covers more than just product. Campari mixologists have helped the Ponti’s team to create a new bespoke cocktail menu, bar staff have been trained to understand and make Campari mixers, there will be fabulous retro artwork in the bars and one or two further surprises will follow.

“Since customer experience is pivotal to keep loyal consumers and attract new ones, we seek partners who are able to deliver the perfect drinks,” said Pietro Mattioni. “This becomes a win-win-win situation: yes, three times: Campari, our customers and Ponti’s guests benefit from this virtuous circle.”

Campari is an inspired concoction of bitter herbs, aromatic plants, fruit and water, discovered in 1860 by Gaspare Campari. The drink travelled round the world thanks to its unique taste, bringing that sense of Italian flair and style to all five continents. It is said that the secret recipe contains perhaps 20 ingredients, or maybe 80, in a glorious slice of Italian mystery.

Ponti's Campari Safari


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