New Cocktail Menu Heralds Happy Hour
Wednesday, July 20th, 2016
New Cocktail Menu Heralds Happy Hour

We’ll give you this straight up: our new cocktail menu is launched today in the Perini & Perini bars at both the London and Sheffield locations. To celebrate we are also launching a Happy Hour, due per uno. *

New Cocktail Menu Heralds Happy Hour

Ponti’s link with Campari has inspired a superb collection of that quintessential Italian cocktail, the Negroni. The menu contains the original version, Campari, gin and red vermouth, together with seven other Negroni spin-offs devised by experts from all around the world, together with a range of other much-loved classic drinks.

As any aficionado will tell you, the key to a great cocktail is down to the way it is made. For that reason seven of Ponti’s staff have undergone shot camp training at Campari’s UK headquarters in The Shard. Inside the purpose-built Negroni bar on the fourteenth floor, Campari’s head mixologist, Paolo, demonstrated the finesse, flair and knowledge that goes into creating cocktail magic.

“It was such a neat way to learn about making perfect cocktails,” said Josh who works in the Perini & Perini bar at Sheffield. “We learned about the history behind the Negroni, which was created in 1920 in Florence when Count Camillo Negroni added gin instead of soda to an Americano, as well as the attention to detail and passion that goes into each glass. It was a fantastic experience and we can’t wait to show off our skills to customers.”

New Cocktail Menu Heralds Happy Hour

The Perini & Perini bars at Oxford Circus and Fox Valley, Sheffield will both have a Negroni corner, where the ingredients and branding will be on full show as well as other Campari artwork. Happy Hour is 5pm – 7pm at Oxford Circus but 5pm – 7pm, Sunday – Thursday at Fox Valley.

You can see our new cocktail menu here.

* Due per uno = two for one, but just looks way cooler in Italian

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