The Proving's in the Tasting
Monday, June 20th, 2016
The Proving's in the Tasting

If Ponti’s Italian Kitchen was a clock-maker, it would set its own watch each morning when fresh focaccia bread is made by its chefs.

Pastry chef, Beata and Head Chef Przemek spent a long time weighing, mixing, kneading and testing as they looked for a loaf that Ponti’s diners would love. Przemek explains the philosophy behind the dough: “Fresh always beats frozen, and home-made always beats commercially bought. I want our diners to savour this most Italian of foods and that is why we spent such a long period of time refining our recipe.”

Foccacia is quite a sensitive soul during the all-important proving process, which lasts 2-3 hours, requiring a specific warmth and humidity. “The making of bread can’t be rushed, and it is important to understand the process properly,” said Przemek. “It all starts with fantastic ingredients. I just adore a flour called Farina Di Grano Tenero, which is made by Mollino Dallagiovanna in Piacenza, purely for focaccia bread. By using the best of the best, we know that the final bread will be of a consistently high quality and as authentic a product as it can be.

“When served at the table you’ll taste a bread that is crispy on the outside, but light and spongy inside, making it the perfect partner for salads, meats and almost every antipasti dish. We love making it, and have had great comments from our customers.”

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